Welcome to the Celebrate You® Revolution

This is a revolution that starts with business leaders.

A revolution to celebrate yourself, just as you are. Your genius, your quirks, your kookiness, the whole package.

We spread the revolution by living by example, living like we’re lit up from the inside.

Then we empower others to create their best lives.


Are you ready?

Perhaps this is you...


You were born to do this work.

You’ve done the work and gotten trained.

You believe in yourself and your unique gifts.

You’re motivated & committed to growing your business into a well paying career, not a hobby.


and yet...

  • Trusting your dream feels scary
  • Getting individual clients has been hard
  • You're overwhelmed with all the advice on how to get started
  • Your bank account is empty and your optimism is fading

You dread figuring out the business part of your business.

It’s easy to be busy. But how do you know  you’re doing the right things???

What you need right now is a path to profitability that feels authentic and the mindset that goes along with successful business leaders.

 Not 20 different ideas, just one fail-proof strategy to get you started.

Lisa Honold, Celebrate You Academy

I’m Lisa Honold, founder of Celebrate You® Academy, and I know that feeling…


I used to worry about how I’d find my next client. Forget about “my ideal client”, I was desperate for anyone. The business side of coaching felt hard and “salesy”. Inauthentic. Icky.

One day my business coach challenged me: “What would you be left doing if you  dumped all your activities that felt inauthentic?”

What?!?! No more hours of monkeying with mailchimp? (haha) No more mingling at impersonal awkward mixers hoping to find a client?

Ahhh, A fresh breeze of air. That was the turning point. No more trying to build my business someone else’s way. Permission to do it my way, using my unique genius and skills. I’m a CPA who designs kick-ass business plans and I’m a life coach who brings fresh ideas, accountability and humor to our time together.

Now I lead Celebrate You® programs and I train coaches all over the world to create vibrant businesses, become Celebrate You® Facilitators and/or design their own amazing Signature Programs.

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Here’s the Secret about Your Business

It’s a business.

Sounds simple, but that’s the secret.

Over and over, I’ve watched new entrepreneurs start their business and get frustrated by how hard they’re working to get clients. All they want to do is their work!

No one ever told them they’d have to figure out how to GET clients… Just like any other business has to attract their customers.

The sooner you dump that mindset, the better. It’s only going to make you crazy.

You’re a business owner. And all businesses need customers.

If you don’t like finding clients, you have two choices:

  • Get better at connecting with clients

  • Get a job working for someone else

Your number one job in your business is to TREAT YOUR BUSINESS LIKE A BUSINESS.

What does a “real business” do?

  • They have a business plan and follow it

  • They know what they’re good at

  • They’ve studied what their customers need

  • They create offers that match what they’re good at with what their customers need

  • They have systems in place to support what they do

  • They have SMART goals and track their goals against the actual numbers

What’s Your Fail-Proof Business Plan?

Are you starting to sense there are some holes in your business?

If you’re having a hard time checking the boxes that a “real business” does, I’ve got your back. We can take it slowly, step by step, and in no time you’ll have a solid foundation and start seeing amazing results.

No overwhelm. No wasted time.

What you’ll learn and implement with business coaching:

Your Ability to Attract  Great Clients

Your Unique Path to Profitability

Your Mindset as a Business Leader

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What are you waiting for?

Every day that you wait is another day lost. Another day you’re not doing what your heart has called you to do. With each day passing, you’re less likely to be brave and take action. I’ve watched this before–enthusiasm fades to reality, then embarrassment and your confidence is gone.

It’s OK to be a beginner. It’s OK to have no foundation yet. It’s OK to not be sure you have anything to say to the world. We’ve all been there.

I see you.

Your work is needed in the world! I invite you to start today.