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“What Lisa has given me is everything—turning thoughts and ideas around to a brand new way of looking at them is amazing!

When Lisa first asked me to celebrate myself in her group “Celebrate You”, I couldn’t imagine why I’d want to. She challenged me with “Why Not”? And I’m so glad I did!”

— DG in Washington

What can a Business Coach Do?

Just like professional athletes trust their coaches to notice and enhance their performance, my clients trust me to notice where they’re stuck so they can make adjustments toward living intentional, extraordinary lives.

All sessions are confidential

12 Session Business Strategy Package

Topics include:

  • Getting Clients Authentically

  • Defining your unique Path to Profitability

  • Shifting Your Mindset to a Business Leader

What’s So Great about Coaching?


You get an hour focused on YOU and your unique genius in business.


Just you.

No background noise. No interruptions. No competing for airspace.

A chance to talk through your thoughts out loud, with a trained and certified coach who asks questions, provides feedback and offers gentle accountability.

You’ll leave sessions with calmness, clarity and a few action items that feel like no-brainers, they’re so easy. If you’re the type that likes extra credit, I’m happy to offer “Homework” that may include reading, journaling, visualization, goal setting, video learning, etc.

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